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Rockbeare is under a lot of pressure from developers keen to build houses in the parish, if the parish wants to have some control over the development that is allowed to happen then we need to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan. The Plan will set out what development would be acceptable and what additional facilities are needed to ensure that the quality of life in the parish continues to be of a high standard.
Thank you to everyone that completed the questionnaire that recently came through your letter box. The results have now been collated and the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group we will be able to use the information to identify the key issues and themes to form the basis of the Plan. Anyone interested in joining the Steering Group should contact either he Parish Clerk or Councillor Mark Readman.  

ROCKBEARE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN LOCAL EVIDENCE REPORT To view the latest report please click below: 

 Rockbeare Neighbourhood Plan LE report Oct 2016



                                       To view the latest report please click below:

           Rockbeare Neighbourhood Plan Evidence Report - the Strategic Framework


                           LATEST UPDATE 31st JANUARY 2018

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         Neighbourhood Plan submission to meet Regulation 15.pdf