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 Posted 28.05.20
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Posted 20.04.20  

Dear all, 

I have been made aware of a local Exploitation technique that has been seen across Devon & Cornwall but specifically in the Axminster/Seaton area.

 I expect Tweets and social messaging by the police around this via the Devon Alert system, but also nationally we may see an increase in Distraction burglary offences.

 Please be aware and if you hear anything feed it into the Police via the Partnership Intelligence form.( https://www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/contact/contact-forms/partner-agency-information-sharing-form/)

National update:

  • Distraction/artifice burglary offences (and similar) are expected to increase, targeting the vulnerable and elderly.

Local update:

  • Suspected exploitation by food delivery service going door-to-door making extortionate charges force-wide. (Axminster, Seaton, Hayle and Torquay)

 Kind regards and keep Healthy

 Carolyn May

Parish Clerk to  Rockbeare Parish Council


 Posted 15.04.20

Young Devon Wellbeing Toolkit - Tips, Tricks and Techniques for maintaining positive mental health during lockdown and beyond

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 Posted 07.04.20 

Corona Virus Pandemic
Parish Council Assistance

During the current situation, it is acknowledged that some Parishioners may experience extreme difficulties in obtaining some grocery items and hot meals.

The Parish Council has obtained a substantial supply of lavatory paper, for distribution to Parishioners in the following groups:

       Over 65 years of ae
ulnerable adults
Disabled adults

Any persons, who fall within these groups can obtain lavatory roll (which will be delivered) by calling TRIP on:

01404 46529

 Trip may also be able to arrange for the delivery of food parcels and hot meals for qualifying Parishioners.

 Signe: Carolyn Y. May (Parish Clerk)


 Posted 07.04.20


 Policy for dealing with Council Business during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Meetings: The Parish Council will not hold meetings during the Coronavirus Crisis. this decision has been made to protect both the members and the public.. 
Scheme of Delegation: Authority is delegated to the Chairman, the Vice Chairman and the Clerk to make decisions on the ordinary business of the Council. All papers will be circulated by email to every member for input, which will be disseminated by the Clerk and signed off by the Chairman and Vice Chairman.  These will be signed off at the first available Full Council Meeting.

Planning applications: will be circulated to the Members of the Council who shall let the Clerk have any comments ready for submission to East Devon District Council Council by the agreed date. Applications will be published on our website. 
Finance: Payments to be made shall be sent as a schedule from the Clerk to the Chair and Vice Chair for approval. Once approved these payments will be submitted online by the Clerk and authorised by the two members. Bank reconciliations will continue to be produced monthly and circulated to the Members with a Finance Report which will be published on the website in place of full Minutes for that month.
Statutory Functions: Statutory dates and functions, e.g. the Annual Parish Council Meeting, may change and the Parish Council will act in accordance with Government guidelines as and when published. At the time of this document, the Annual Parish Meeting will be postponed indefinitely. It is likely that an extension for submission of the AGAR will be granted, and a date of 30th September has been suggested, to enable the Full Council to meet and approve the document. All details will be published on the Parish Council website as they are received: 
Website: The Clerk undertakes to maintain the Parish Council website with as much information for the public as is necessary.
This policy has been agreed and adopted by Rockbeare Parish Council Members  by Email and will be signed off at the first available Full Council Meeting.  



The following are decisions that have been taken by the Chair, Members or Clerk as proper officer of the Parish Council, under the Emergency Scheme of Delegation as a result of the Coronavirus Bill 2020 and associated government restrictions. Rockberae Parish Council are voting on issues by email and details of these votes are kept on the list below for reasons of public transparency. The register below is made in accordance with the 2014 Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations.

For further details, please contact the clerk by email: Clerk@rockbeare.eastdevon.gov.uk  

Information exempted under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the General Data Protection Regulations marked * will not be published.

Date of decision: 

Decision proposal:

Reference Number:

Decision Taken By:

Ratified by council vote?:

Financial Value:

S137 Yes or No:

Additional details: