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The Parish of Rockbeare stretches in a linear fashion along the Fosse Way, a Roman Road, as it descends the West Hill ridge towards Exeter. This road, (the A30) was for many years the main road from Exeter to London, and the long straight running from Jack-in-the-Green to the Hand and Pen (both at that time pubs), was the scene of many fatal accidents.

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Aerial ViewSince the dual-carriageway was opened in 2000, the road has, for those who knew it in its heyday, been oddly peaceful; and the village and its environs much quieter.

The parish boundary takes in the large gravel quarry above Allercombe, Upcott and Pithead. Of the latter just the old Independent Chapel, now used as Marsh Green's village hall, survives. The hamlets of Allercombe and Marsh Green are rather blighted by the noise emanating from the 'new' A30; so Rockbeare Village's gain has been paid for in the loss of the peacefulness of the lanes, farms and dwellings around the northern hamlets.

Exeter Airport just outside Rockbeare's South West boundary has its main flight path just to the south of the village... not really  noticable at the current flight levels.

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Population estimated 2012; 682 electors
368 Households