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The Parish Council meets monthly at either Marsh Green Village Hall or Rockbeare Village Hall.  Everyone is welcome to attend and there is a designated period at every meeting when members of the public may ask a question or bring a matter affecting the Parish and/or its residents to the attention of the Council. We hope you will join us

***All Meeting suspended***Having discussed the current situation, regarding the spread of Coronavirus, with the Chairman of the Parish Council, it has been decided that all meetings of the Parish Council will be suspended until further notice.




Just to flag up that there is an increasing number of e-mail, on-line and text scams related to coronavirus, some purporting to be from official sources like HMRC and Government.  No matter how genuine they may look please do not click on any links in any unsolicited message as to do may allow someone to take control of your device and get access to personal data and even bank data. 

 It is a simple rule – treat them all with the same level of caution and delete them.


Let this website help to increase your links with the community. If you would like to advertise a forthcoming event on the site, please contact the Parish Clerk.

The Parish Council has now revived the Rockbeare Roots Newsletter, albeit in a different format as a means of ensuring that everyone knows what is happening in Rockbeare Parish. The Council needs some help to make this happen, we can draft the newsletter and arrange for it to be printed but we need information to put in it and also people to help deliver it. If you would like to help then please contact either the Chairman Jeremy Wollen or the Parish Clerk Carolyn May.

Carolyn Y. May, A2 Victoria Advent House, Station Approach, Victoria, Roche Cornwall 
 PL26 8LG
E:mail clerk@rockbeare.eastdevon.gov.uk Telephone (01726) 210139

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